Do you know how much the gaps between your windows and your curtains are impacting your bottom line?

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When guests stay at your property, there are two main goals they have.

1. A memorable experience during the day.

2. A great experience sleeping in a temperature controlled room with curtains that black out the light.

Universal concerns owners and managers of hotel properties have are: create the experience to bring guests back again so your rooms stay booked, and do so in a way that keeps expenses low and profit centers strong.

Did you know…

The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that approximately one-third of heat loss occurs through doors and windows.

The windows of a hotel are usually right above the air conditioner/heating unit. Traditional installation of drapes in hotel rooms block most of the light out, and helps to maintain temperatures… but conventional installation of curtains in your rooms still leave gaps along the wall. These gaps allow light in, and heat and cold air to escape.

That is…until now.

Draft Enders Curtain Clips are the affordable and easy to use solution to lower your property’s electric bill and create a better nights sleep for your guests.

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The innovative design of Draft Enders Curtain Clips are sturdy so they snug the edges of the curtains tight against the walls. This blocks out the light, and helps to reduce escaping warm and cold air.

The simple one step installation requires about a minute to use the first time. Once the clips are in place, they are there to stay.

Finally! Yes! There is an affordable way to increase the guest experience with such an uncomplicated solution…and the best part is, we can even brand your curtain clips with your properties logo!

Getting started is easy. Contact us and let us know how many rooms you have on your property. How many windows in each room? We’ll put your custom bulk quote together so you can start saving money right away.

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