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How to dArken Your Rooms with DRAFT ENDERS™ curtain clips

Having light coming around the sides of your curtains that does not allow you to get the best sleep that you want?  Does light come in from the street that shines in your face.  Does the sun come up in the morning and hit you in the eyes before you are ready to rise?  Do you work nights and try to sleep days with the sun shining in your bedroom?  Does your child have trouble taking naps during the day with the light coming in from outside?

  This is light pollution.   Unwanted ambient light from outside coming into your home around gaping curtain ends, at night, or in the daytime if you work nights can be annoying and even harmful.    Doctors have proven that even mild light pollution in the sleeping environment can contribute to sleep disorders which are being tied to major diseases.       

DRAFT ENDERS™ Curtain Clips takes care of all of these problems.  Keeping the curtains flush against the walls keeps the light out of your room.  Easy to attach and detach to the wall and held on to the curtain with a clip, they open with the curtain out of the way when light is wanted in the room.

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One touch is all it takes to press your curtain to the wall to keep out the light.

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Our product currently comes in three colors - gold, silver and copper and two styles - stars and faces.